Born out of their common love for fiery funk music and authentic soul, The Brooks have steadily been cumulating successes since their beginnings in 2013. In addition to their three-month residency, which ended up lasting almost four years, at the "Dièze Onze" - a legendary jazz bar in Montreal, The Brooks recently impressed the crowds at Montreal's International Jazz Festival. First by opening for Charles Bradley at the Metropolis, and then by playing 2 memorable shows on the main stage of the festival. During last year's edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival, we saw them electrifying the stage at the Bell Center where they opened for The Doobie Brothers. They also played La Place des Arts with Kool & The Gang, and put out an incredible performance during a dazzling tribute to the late Prince at the Metropolis .

Their first instrumental opus "Adult Entertainment" was released in 2014 and their highly anticipated second album called "Pain & Bliss", which presented a more mature and refined sound, was released in 2016.Wherever The Brooks go, they leave their audience captivated by their talent and dynamism, worthy of some of the biggest names in the Funk, Soul and R&B scene.